Friday, June 24, 2016


Are you looking for best kindergarten Calgary preschool? V.I.K. Academy provides preschool and kindergarten aged children with developmentally appropriate activities that support their quest towards independence, fuel their curiosity, encourage creative thinking, and contribute to their individual growth.
At V.I.K. Academy, they believe that quality certified educators are essential. Their staff members are qualified, passionate, creative, talented, experienced, bilingual educators. Also, a team is led by an experienced Master’s Level teacher who specializes in 21st Century learning in the French Immersion Classrooms in Alberta.
Early Childhood Education plays an important role in preparing young children for their upcoming academic journey. At V.I.K., they believe that early day-care experience should be tailored around children's interest, be age appropriate, and founded on sound up-to-date research.
Through a nurturing, stimulating and personalized French Immersion environment, V.I.K. Academy encourages and supports children’s curiosity, independence, communication skills, decision-making, creativity, and individuality.
In their enriched Kindergarten program, there is still plenty of time for playing, learning to interact with others, moving, and resting. The extra time allows them to also work on the development of your child as a whole individual, introduce him to early literacy and numeracy, expand his French language skills, and create multiple learning experiences that place your child in a world of hands-on discovery. Junior Kindergarten (JK) is a structured educational program intended for children qualifying for Kindergarten the following year.
As they are among best Calgary preschool and understand that regular program hour (8:30 to 3:30) do not always match your working schedule. For this reason, V.I.K. Academy offers the optional EXTENDED DAYS for our students. Students signed up in the Extended Days Program will be supervised by a non-teaching staff member between the hours of 7:00am to 8:30am and/or between 3:30pm and 6:00pm.
Contact At:
Address:  V.I.K. Academy Ltd
15426 Bannister Road SE
Calgary, T2X 2X7

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